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Bonus Episode

Happy New Year! In this mini bonus episode, we pop the bubbly and celebrate the end of our first season (and Britt’s birthday!). We discuss our favourite episodes of the season, and share what it’s been like to make this podcast. We hope you enjoy, […]

Episode 18: Santa’s Little Helper

Itunes Season’s Greetings from Lily and Britt! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or is it? There’s parties to host, cookies to bake, presents to buy, and halls to deck! Phew, that’s a lot to do, and often these tasks are placed solely […]

Episode 17: Itching to get Inked

We often think of tattoos as “masculine,” but did you know that women are more likely to be inked than men? Or that in the 19th century, many high society ladies sported tattoos as a fashion accessory? In this episode, we dive into women and tattoos, discussing topics including how getting inked can influence perceptions of intelligence and sexual interest, the reasons women get tattoos, and the importance of boundaries. Enjoy!


Feminist history of tattoos

Tattoos and perceived sexual interest

Older women getting inked

Tattoos and boundaries

Episode 16: Women and Weed

As of this week, weed is legal in Canada! But just how female friendly is this industry? Join us as we discuss the intersections of feminism and cannabis, including stigma, entrepreneurial opportunities, and social justice initiatives. Grab some munchies and tune in! Links Cannabis use […]

Episode 15: Emojis & Emails

Take a second to look at the last text and email you sent. What do you see? Non-stop emojis? Extraaaa letters? Over the top punctuation?!?!? Ever thought about how our electronic communication patterns were influenced by gender? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  In this episode, Lily and Britt dive […]

Episode 14: The Dreaded Dress Code

From three-year-olds in sundresses to tennis superstars in catsuits, it seems like a lot of clothing is considered “inappropriate.” But is it the clothing itself that’s problematic, or the body that wears it? Should women be forced to wear bras or heels at work? And what kind of messages do these dress codes send? Join Lily and Britt as we break down the dreaded dress code! CW: sexual assault & sexual harassment.


Human rights complaint filed in BC over dress code

Three-year-old prohibited from wearing “inappropriate” sundress

Pool party dress code

Rebelling against dress codes

Episode 13: Fast Fashion, Undressed

When we think fashion, we think glam! Beauty! Latest trends! But how often do we stop to consider the human cost that goes into creating garments for the most popular brands today? Or the fact that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the […]

Episode 12: Academia has a Gender Equality Problem

After three-weeks, we’re back! In this special episode, we team up with the Real Psychobabble Podcast to talk about diversity issues in academia. Join us as we learn about gender differences in tenure, pay, and academic activities! Next, head over to the guys’ episode, Psychology […]

Episode 11: Representation in the Media

Extra! Extra! There is a still a diversity and representation problem in the media! We wish this was old news, but recent headlines like Scar-Jo being cast to play a transgender man, and Sandra Oh being the first Asian actress to receive an Emmy nomination as a lead in a drama show that Hollywood hasn’t changed much. Why is this happening, why is it a problem, and what can we do about it? Join us as we finally put our pop culture knowledge to good use in this longest LadySh!t episode to date!


Hollywood Diversity Report

Bechdel Test Movie List

Episode 10: Batting with the Boys: The Ups and Downs of Co-Ed Sports

Ever feel self-conscious playing on a co-ed sports team or wonder what the deal is behind dumb gendered rules? In this episode, we record from a new location and talk about the benefits of co-ed sports as kids, and the not-so-fun parts about playing as […]